One of Kind Engagement

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More than fine metals.

All pieces are hand made in small quantities with limited availability. We believe in having pieces that are unique and special, not mass produced.  We use ethically sourced stones and recycled metals. Everyday we strive to grow with compassion for the world and want the brand to reflect as such.

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Bespoke, with you in mind.

Create a one of a kind piece to cherish forever with me.

Custom jewelry

Our Promise

Every month we donate 20% of our profits to a cause we find important. We believe that if everyone can do even a little, a little can go a long way.

This month we will be donating to Sahaita, on organization that provides aid to farmers and their families in Punjab.

Since November 2020, farmers have been protesting new legislation that allows private companies to enter and exploit their agriculture sector. The peaceful protests have been met with police violence and arrests not only to protestors, but to journalists as well. They have cut water supply, electricity and internet.

We stand in solidarity with the farmers and protestors in New Delhi.

If you would like to donate directly, click here.


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