Custom Jewelry

We work with recycled materials and ethically sourced stones to create a special one of a kind ring just for you.
For a quote please send sketches and inspiration photographs. Include details such as type of metal, type and size of stone, ring size, and deadline date through email directly by clicking this link.
For general questions please feel free to use the form below.


Step 1: The Idea

To begin the process, we ask that you browse for concepts, styles, and designs that inspire you for this piece. We will set up a consultation going over a few common questions to develop the key principle elements of the ring. From there, a rough sketch and/or guidelines will be formed alongside ideas of what stones you would like to view, hue of the metal, size, potential deadlines, and budget you may have. This step is fundamental in forming the overall vision of your piece.


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Step 2: The Meeting

I will work my magic and begin mapping out the path to create your piece before our first official consultation. Consultations can be from the comfort of your home virtually or at our production studio located in Williamsburg, New York City. This meet up is important to verbally solidify the ideal design while also going over final details such as stones, finishes, hues, sizing, and more.



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Step 3: The Fun

Once design is officially determined, we reach out directly to our trusted suppliers to source sustainable stone options that fit your lifestyle to showcase. We will invite you back, either digitally or in person, to view stone options and narrow down with detailed breakdowns in terms of durability, budget, and your own preferences.

This can be as simple as falling in love at first glance, or a long term deep dive into finding the perfect gem.



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Step 4: The Review

Once the design and stone selection(s) are determined, we will develop and send over a final quote going over extensively all discussed details and pricing for solidify the project. Once confirmed, we ask a 50% deposit to begin the process of creating your one of a kind piece. After that, a review of our terms alongside a estimated completion date will be sent over to you. Typically, custom pieces take between six to twelve weeks, however every case is unique and will be covered one on one. The magic will begin with the second half of the deposit due at completion and retrieval of your beauty.